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First objectives, she readily admits, wasn't to do the run, but to get the T shirt. Upon

Finding that the group was really going to do the run, she became "a littleapprehensive," and ''voyeuristic." Nevertheless, her curiosity prevailed, and she soon discoveredherself in the limits of the fkk resort. When asked to describe some of her feelingsabout visiting the resort, she answered as such,My first reaction was dread. I was really surprised how nervous andanxious I felt about being there. I felt physically ill in addition to embarrassed. And I wasconcerned how I would respond to seeing someone openly bare. I was concerned that thenudists would see me as an intruder, a curiosity seeker, and wouldn't appreciate me beingthere. But once I was in the resort, I located the nudists to be friendly and the setting ofthe resort to be quite casual and welcoming. Nearly immediately I felt at ease. Myexperience at the resort turned out to be surprisingly pleasant. I located the nudistswelcoming and accepting. No one attempted to drive me into becoming a fkk and no onemade me feel uncom

Societal values. To suggest that guests should refrain from touching or

that they need to maintain a six-inch personal space fender is athrowback to the 1950s."1.Labels are outside.The idea of being a "naturist" has frequently inferred more than the simpleinclination and taste of reveling the absence of clothing.Rightly or wrongly, and often a foundation of confusion, the question, "Areyou a nudist?" has also meant the need to confirm an inherentcommitment to the customs and principles of organisation definedethics and behaviour. Even beyond the expectations of conformity,being a "naturist" has frequently suggested a mindset that urged anideology. As an example, here are a couple of statements originating from thepublic forum: Nudists are usually vegetarians. Nudists are morehealth-conscious that the general public. Nudists worship trees.Nudists do not have sex. Nudists are a sect, a cult. Nudists are mentallydeficient and morally tainted.Clearly, none of these ill-intentioned judgments are true. (ExceptPerhaps that tree thing - the jury is still out.) And

Southern California Naturist Association SCNA Reports From the Getty

SCNA Southern California Naturist Association - Southern California Naturist Association SCNA, hosted its annual visit to the Getty Museum in West LA on January 21.We counted a record 45 people attending, including many first-timers, who all came out to play our now-famous "Unclothed at the Getty" Scavenger Hunt.Despite rumors to the contrary, no, we were not the ones who were nude, although we did get some giggles, sly smiles, and lifted eyebrows from a few docents, museum officials, and nearby visitors once they learned we were a nudist group! Rolf assembled 72 questions about various naked paintings and sculptures located at the museum.Our "scavenger hunt" directed folks through all four primary buildings to answer these questions and to be the first to return to the starting point.Southern California Naturist Association SCNAA normal question was: "In Room E101, A semi nude sculpture of Neptune is depicted with what creature?" Are Christian Nudists Doing Anything Wrong as Far As T

weather. I love going nude whenever possible, its

Quite comfy, feels great and life is more fun inthe naked!Let me start of by providing you a little information aboutmyself. I am 26 years old and now living inAventura, Florida. I have been going In the last couple of years I have become an activist for nudism in our place and since I was17 or so. Besides nudism I also enjoy playing pool,listening to all kinds of music (except country andgangsta rap), working with computers, and speakingabout autos. Now I Will get into how I got started as anudist.I was 17 when I first becameInquisitive about how it felt like to be nude in myroom. I do not knowJust why but I believed I 'd be more comfortableif I took off my underwear, so I did. It felt strangeInitially, for a while I was self conscience of mybody. Not because anything was wrong, merely because Ihad never been nude in my room before I figure. I gotover the awkwardness (self-consciousness) and it feltnice.When I was 18 a senior in highschool I was on The bravest thing I ever did nak

more of the wide canyons that follow the Colorado River

Considered nudism was a marvelous,wherever ess sensual feelings in goes.Favorable thing well worth removingFor an hour, the burning congarments for---surely more benetinued, never relenting. I felt like anficial than the mere amateur pasIf someone had comeBuilt-in, close part of nature. Itime of swimming, which is considalong clothed, I wouldfelt so right being there without theered a perfectly fine time to removehave believed they wereMan-made covering of clothes sepa- violating this sacred place.garments.rating me from God's creations. IfFinally, he pulled out the hugesomeone had come along clothed, Iguns. He asked me if I couldwould have felt they were breaking this holy place.imagine President Gordon B. HinckleyI ended up life. But the uncertainties consistently vanished when I trekked. To commune with nature in my natural state was such a transcendent about two miles before turning back. Thedoing things nude. (I couldn't, but there were many otherpowerful burning finally subsi

Nude For Idea - By Melissa

( By: Melissa Dejanude )Nude for Idea - NudistoryNude for Thought - NudistoryOver centuries, people have fought with the liberty to wear or not to wear.Though there are motives backing up the need for clothing in culture, there are still some gaps Ever where nudity was prohibited without reasoning by means of morality or categorization.Could it be possible there is a deep spiritual battle that revolves around nudity?Before I begin writing anything else and before I for Consideration - Body Language"The universal language is body language."Could it only be possible that we would have better foreign communications, less political competition and greater peace if we all didn't decorate ourselves with clothes and other body distractions to separate us from one another in culture?Bare for Idea - Phobic Oppression"Nudity is a natural liberty that's typically oppressed because of the anxiety about being insulted or the reaction of another being hurt."Would you believe it's erroneous to walk

Miss Barely Hidden, Our Young Teen Naturist Discussions About Trying Naturism For The First Time

Our Teenage Naturist "Getting My Barings on Naturism for the First Time"Back by popular demand, Miss Barely Hidden, our own teen naturist writer! After reading all your comments on her adolescent body image post, our naturist amateur has determined to answer the top question posted by individuals who remarked. They desired to know how a young teenage girl feels about attempting naturism for the first time.Miss Barely Hidden conversation's about made me feel welcome there. It was very relaxing and with attempting naturism for the first time:Striving Naturism for the very first time: I began naturism at the age of 12. It was really my father that first had an interest in social principles. To indicate that guests must refrain from touching or . He began by going to nude seashores. After a couple of excursions he truly needed to share the experience with me and the rest of my family.Sadly, that nude plage wasn't exactly the greatest place to bring kids. There would not be any means to

Body Image Site Titled: Unattainable Beauty

Guest Blog by: A. TarasenkoUnattainable Beauty:Body Image - Unattainable Beauty - It is a chicken-or-the-egg scenario: What comes first, our notion of what's beautiful or beauty itself driving our notions? Does attractiveness even exist as a unique entity or is it simply in the eye of the beholder? What happens when we are told what to behold as amazing?Unattainable BeautyWe all whine about how today's images of ideal beauty are vastly different from truth, different enough for some people to starve themselves to death or go under the knife for life changing (possibly life finishing) operation. What convinces these individuals to embrace this type of odd idea of attractiveness that they feel like they don't have any choice but to commit to a life of pursuing conformity? These ideals cannot simply pop out of thin air, and there are no aliens in a parallel universe planting images of supermodels into our advertisements so an incredible number of girls can eat lettuce the rest of the live

Robin Lewis and Louis Janda conducted a study in 1998 to examine the association between adult sexua

The results of the study were clear: there's a positive relationship between Recap of Good Times with the Young Naturists at Sunny Rest Nudist Resort to nudity and mature sexual relaxation. Further, the study found that children from birth to age five who were exposed to nudity felt less distress with affection and physical contact as they grew old. Children ages 6-11 who were exposed to nudity (i.e. naturist children ) had greater self- AWESOME-DISM or New to Nudism: A Girl Friend Recounts Her Experience with Nudism and knowledge about sex.Margaret Mead is an anthropologist who has finished many studies on the effects of nudity on children and is one of the most well known researchers on this particular subject. Dr. Mead analyzed cultures throughout the world and noticed many negative effects that clothes had in the western culture's clothes-dependent society.These effects include a separation of self from your body, too little point of comparison for all body parts on account of c

Teenagers going through puberty are usually uncomfortable with their bodies.

This distress often has a tendency to last into the young adult years.A young adult is,by definition, more mature than a teen. The best advice one can giveto anyone over 18 who still has hang ups about how hisor her body seemsis: get over it! There actually is not anything dreadful or obscene ordisgusting or "bad" about how There are lots of closet nudists out there, and I'm one of them. looks. We all have one.It's absurd to be, unlike any other creature, unable to stand the sight ofa normal member of one's species. Everyone needs to learn "bodyRecognition", because that is part of self-acceptance, which is aExtremely important part of growing up. Becoming involved with societalnudity, in fact, nearly consistently helps enormously with attaining bodyacceptance. The first steps can be difficult - but then it gets tremendouslyeasier.There is a powerful pressure on young people to have "beautiful" or"attractive" bodies, but going nude lets everyone see the imperfections inWhen I was lik